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Italian aperitif drinks, wines and grappa by Modena Estense

From the world-renowned, fruity and spicy Chianti from Tuscany, the elegant Pinot Grigio with tender floral notes and a slightly almondy finish, to the Pinot Grigio Rosé from Venice with its enticingly fruity taste of peach and apricot – we never say no to our select vino. Our range of Italian alcoholic drinks is complemented by sweet and fruity liqueurs, Prosecco, Spumante and Grappa.

It’s not just the excellent quality, but also the inventive bottles that make alcoholic drinks from Italy such great gifts. The applications are as diverse as our product selection; Prosecco as an aperitif, wine with dinner, liqueurs with sundaes and sorbets, and top-quality Grappa to finish.

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