Order rice and pasta directly from Italy

Quality from Modena on the plate

Italian cuisine is inextricably connected to pasta. Noodles are available in various lengths, shapes and sizes; a welcome side, an excellent main – incredibly versatile and always delicious. Order pasta from Italy with plenty of variety. Spaghetti, penne, farfalle, tagliatelle and more – some in select organic quality – cater to every palate. As well as pasta, you can also buy rice from Italy online here and lay the foundation for a wonderful risotto. From pure risotto rice from Italy to complete mixtures that always work out, our natural ingredients from select suppliers will inspire you.

By the way, bronze stencils are used in the production of our egg pasta nests and the organic pasta we import from Italy. This stencil manufacturing ensures better sauce adhesion – another characteristic of high-grade pasta from Modena Estense.

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